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当前位置:Research Area:Grass Physiology, and Molecular Biology
Research Area:Grass Physiology, and Molecular Biology

  Group Leader: Prof. Bingru Huang

  Tel: 025-84396359

  Fields of research: Grass Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, Grass Stress Molecular Biology, Genomics and Biotechnologies, Grass Germplasm Preservation, Evaluation, and Breeding. 


  About the team: 

  The research team was led by ChangJiang Scholar and 1000-Talent Scholar, Prof. Huang Bingru. Dr. Huang is also the Ralph-Geiger-Endowed Chair at Rutgers University. She has numerous awards, including winner of the US Young Crop Scientist Award in 1997, member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and fellow of the Crop Science Society of America, etc. She also serves as an editor for the Journal of Applied Horticulture Science, Plant Roots and Physiologia Plantarum.

  The team now has two professors, three associate professors, two lecturers and two post-doctoral researcher.

  Major projects undertaken over the past three years:

  1. Introduction and Utilization of stress tolerant grass seeds, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture “948: Program, to be completed in 2014;

  2. Cultivating new seashore Paspalum seeds by modifying Kentucky Bluegrasss (PoapratensisL1) DREB/CBF, supported by the Jiangsu Province Agricultural Innovation Fund, 2013─2016;

  3. Turf grass response mechanism of the interactive effects on high-temperature hazards and doubled carbon dioxide concentration, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 2014─2016;

  4. Cloning of Aquaporins genes and its roles in Kentucky Bluegrasss’ (Poapratensis L1) Resistance to Drought, supported by the National Post-doctoral Research Fund, 2013─ 2015.

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