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当前位置:Research Area:Grassland Environmental Engineering
Research Area:Grassland Environmental Engineering

  Group Leader: Prof. Yingjun Zhang

  Tel: 025-84396857

  Fields of research: Forage Production, Grassland Ecology and Grassland Management.


  About the team:

  The research team is headed by Professor Yingjun Zhang who is the Principal Scientist of the Chinese Forage Industry & Technology Program, the Principal Scientist of the Forage Technology Program of the Ministry of Agriculture, China, the Principal Scientist of National Science Foundation Project, Director of the Forage Engineering Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, China, the Principal Scientist of National Grassland Integrative Protection and Demonstration Zone, and the Deputy Director of Guyuan Observatory in Hebei Province for National Grassland Ecology. Prof. Zhang is the leader of four National Natural Science Foundation projects, one National “863” project, one National “973”Program branch project, two National Key Technologies R&D projects, two sMinistry of Education projects, and fifteen other projects supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing Municipality and Yunnan Province. 

  Now, the team has two professors, one associate professor and one lecturer. Their major research areas include pasture land establishment & management in Southern China,  optimizing forage quality inspection methods, developing management models to balance the pasture ecology and livestock herd numbers, grassland carbon budget and carbon balance, production and utilization of purple alfalfa, ryegrass and other fodder grasses in Southern China, and ecological stoichiometry of grassland. 

  In the past three years, the team members have undertaken four major research projects supported by national programs, and published 20 papers recorded by SCI. 

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